Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. What is common in all these four stuffs ? In today’s date , these are the ultimate lifelines in order to survive the world. Sometimes, we rely on these applications so much , that we forget the essence of the Real Connect. Rather than creating memories , we kind of just let them go. A person whom we talk to via these applications is the person who actually exists in this world, and definitely not an imaginary character, so why not talk rather than chat , why not meet rather than plainly planning to meet up and etc. Why not just kill that virtual connect and start exploring the real connect?

Instead of that coffee smiley , why not take me for one ? Rather than texting me that you miss me , why not meet up ? These days, whenever you come across your birthday, everybody makes sure that they change their display pictures and put up status, in order to make you feel special. Admitting that it is quite a nice effort but just imagine this, for instance, that every contact in your whatsapp group turns up at your place and gets a cake to make that day quite special in your life.

Two situations. Two different acts. Two kind of memories. Even you know which is the deserving one.

So this story starts when I joined college and the first day happened. Things were perfect as I was meeting new people and new connections started taking place. After weeks of college, I was finally allotted the required class, where I was supposed to spend my entire first year. With every passing day, I went on building my connections and finally found my coolest group with whom I used to hang out in college. But there were some connections which existed for me , even outside the group. Sameer was one of them.

Initially, during the entire first month in my class, I wasn’t aware about each and everyone, but with the flow of time, I came to know about that every classmate I was studying with. And then, I came across Sameer. He wasn’t that typical guy whom I used to talk in my class, but there was some sort of connection between us , which made me aware about his existence. A few days later, as usual, I sent him a request on Facebook, added him on Whatsapp and followed him on Instagram. He reciprocated as well.

And , hence conversations started. The weirdest or the interesting part of this story was that we never spoke in college. He was always involved in his group and I was involved in mine. College kept us quite busy, with, not even giving us time to notice one another. But after college, we made sure that we spent some time via mediums, in order to getting to know each other.

He laughed at my silly jokes and I made fun of his photos and this went on for the entire year. I made sure that every word in my mind and heart reach his. Even he would do the same. But we never spoke in front of people.

It was just that I was quite comfortable with him and he would be with me, but only virtually. That was the point of pain. We both started believing that our conversations , laughs and moments would always exist within that virtual space which we had created for ourselves. The virtual connectivity was so beautiful between us, that we did not even think that we could have connected so well if we could break that glass of virtuality. But then things did not happen that way. And, hence, even after a year of our college, that is, even today, we are just continuing in the same way.

So mediums like Facebook and Whatsapp may help you to start that friendship with different sorts of people, but what is the point if we can’t end up meeting them in real and talk? The real conversation quite matters. Social media can be a part of your life , but don’t make it so mainstream that it screws a part of that charming personality of yours.

According to a survey report, out of every 10 people, 7 to 8 people may be quite active and sound too confident over social media but screws it when it comes to that real face to face conversation.

57% of people talk to people more online than they do in real life. And its high time that we should stop using social media to impress people, and hence, should be used to impact people.


And talking about Sameer, that name still makes me blush and gives me no guts to talk yet.




6 thoughts on “Life is beyond what we believe.!

  1. Nice one, indeed the words are considered to be powerful as statement but not memorable and of course not lovely until it expressed….. great thought dear.


  2. Hey! That’s a fab post on how virtual world killing intelligently sensual conversation between humans. Break that barrier called online frenzy, get real and go for human interaction:)


  3. The most common topic one can relate to and yet people ignore it…. Neatly written and one can easily feel meaning of each word and connect to it…. Great job… !!!
    To the author: do keep in touch n meet :-p


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