An entire year passed and I think I was the only one who truly knew you… Or maybe I never knew you at all…

She looked back to the first day their eyes met. It was the perfect fairy-tale moment. It had felt as though time had stopped around them.

Days past; those looks increased. And it wasn’t long before they became friends. It was as if they were meant to be, their chemistry, their proximity. Nothing could separate them. With each passing minute, their bond grew stronger. They never let anyone else come in between them. She knew she had found her companion, her partner in crime. He knew she would be the only one to know him in and out. He could see no other when she was around and couldn’t stop thinking of her when she wasn’t. There was nothing on this earth that they wouldn’t talk about, from dreams to fantasies; from ex’s to crushes; they knew the A-Z’s of each other’s lives. Their chemistry was visible to all. People around would envy them, the bond they shared. But they cared less of what people thought of them. Their world was complete. Their friendship was strong to overcome everything else. She never confessed her feelings for him because she didn’t know how he would react; she couldn’t lose her partner. He hadn’t realized he had fallen in love with her.

And suddenly everything changed…………

He left her alone without saying a word. She broke, each passing second pierced her heart as those memories flooded her mind. She did not ask him for an explanation. He never bothered to give one. She felt her soul leaving her body. Smiling became a routine to hide the pain, those scars he had left her with. But he was never the same too. It bothered him not talking to her. He couldn’t get his eyes off her when they would be in the same room. She avoided those eyes. She would catch him staring at her and turn away. People then asked what had happened; said that they were meant to be.

Life had changed at both ends. To the world, they seemed to have moved on; but only they knew the reality. She wanted to tell him what she felt for him. He knew she was crying; he yearned to hold her. But an invisible wall separated them forever.

Those eyes, which were once the most beautiful dreams, now only held pain and nightmares.’

They cared, but never showed.


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