“Mom, when would my Prince Charming come into my life?”, was the question I asked whenever my mother would fill my ears with those little innocent fairy tales that would talk about a beautiful princess and a handsome prince on how they met each other, how they fell in love and how they lived happily forever.

Soothing were those stories to the little ears during the childhood days, but only when adolescence hit me, did I get a wakeup call regarding the same fairy tales.

As time went by, I came to know the reality.

Yes, stories do exist, but not for the sake of a lifetime, but for the sake of the time partners can tolerate each other.

But then, for once we all dream to have that fairy tale love story where we fall in love at the first sight and that would last forever. But it may sometimes sound hypothetical or unrealistic to preserve that first love of your life forever.

Ever thought how much pain and efforts it takes for your first love to stay forever?

Yes, holding on to your first love is like growing a little sapling with a lot of selfless love and care with no expectations and waiting to see it to grow into a tree.

Recently, I came across an article on Shahrukh and Gauri. Did you ever think what’s the reason behind the beautiful couple still being together? It is said Gauri fell for Shah Rukh’s wit, confidence and style, and the two started going out. But, things were not as hunky-dory for these two young lovebirds. Shah Rukh, by nature, was very possessive about Gauri since, he did not like her to keep her hair open, let alone talking to other boys. It was then that Gauri realised that she needed a break from this relationship. A day after she celebrated her birthday at Shah Rukh’s place, she left for Mumbai with her friends without telling him. It was at this moment Shah Rukh realised his love for Gauri. Shah Rukh, who was very close to his mother, told her what had happened. She not only told him to go after his love, but also gave him 10,000 rupees to help him out. Shah Rukh recalls that he and his friends searched the entire city, but had no luck in finding Gauri. It was only after a very frantic search he found her at a beach. They both laid eyes on each other and broke down crying while in each other’s arms. That moment they realised that both could not live without each other and decided to get married.

Sometimes, it is not so difficult to hold on to your first love, but then it takes a lot of strength to hold on to it.

But then, the point is who do you think is your first love? To be genuine, your first love is not always the first person you kiss or the first person you date. Your first love would be that person whom you would always compare everyone else to. The person that you will never truly get over, no matter what.

First love is not just a random numerical position, but it is the person to whom you get attached amidst the turmoil in your life. Your first love may be the one whom you come across after a lot of turmoil in your life. Your first love may be the one whom you come across after learning a lot of lessons in life but still, the feeling would happen as if you have fallen in love for the first time ever.

Love is not about putting a timeline. It would just happen when it has to. It is mesmerising and eternal.

And it is high time for you to fall in love again for it to last forever !!


14 thoughts on “Who Is Truly Your First Love?

  1. First post and you hit the right button. It’s love. One should go for it and make the most of a relationship. Btw, did you know SRK was so shy when he saw Gauri at a party that he asked his friend to tell her that he wanna dance:)

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  2. and two words for you TD… “Hats oFf”…. the courage to hold on… to go through the hell and emerging as happy as the first time… is something to live for..

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  3. Superb Trisha!!!!!!……..Well Written………:) .Amazing Feeling of First Love… ❤ ……Gud Job……..:) ..Keep It Up………:) 🙂

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  4. Superb ……..Trisha!!!!……….:) ….Amazing First Love Feeling………..<3…Gud……….Keep it Up…….!!!…..:)

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