Haven’t we all, at some point in time, faced confusion or difficulties in deciding what we want from life? We may have the best possible job which amply feeds your bank account at the end of each month, but we somehow aren’t entirely satisfied. Why is that?

“Have two hobbies; one that pays you and the other that brightens up your heart”. We all want to do what makes us happy. Some of us would want to pen down our most beautiful thoughts, while others would love to capture moments into colorful memories. List of activities we want to do and love to do is endless. Unfortunately, not everyone gets to do that for a living. Most of us bow down to parental pressure or logic. It could be because it’s out of love and respect, or perhaps we are too naive to see what we want and what are we being handed. We are taught to perform outstandingly and are expected to think out of the box or even stand out of the crowd but what we are really being asked to do is to follow the crowd.

Now the question is, why aren’t we chasing our dreams? Most of us are ambitious, no doubt. What we need to ask ourselves is that are we ambitious towards things we want or is it towards the expectations placed upon us by our peers or the society?  Quite often we are caught between our dreams and the reality. Eventually, that puts us on one of the three paths; we realize that the reality is a lot better than our dreams; or we accept the reality and realize it to be what we wanted to do in the first place; or live a life of denial that it is what we want where in fact it isn’t. This is where we sacrifice dreams and turn into robotic beings. Perhaps it would lead to success but at what cost? A life of everlasting regret, I reckon.

Each one of us has voices inside us… it is our conscience! It is good to listen to them at times. Having a hectic time at work or lecture filled classes at college? Take a break. A break has never harmed anyone.

It need not be a long one. Even if it’s just one weekend, we would do well to break free from our day to day monotonous routine. Travel, make memories, capture them. Money never stays; what stays are the memories. Make them in plenty.

Life is too short to be boring, make this ride worthwhile and memorable. Don’t we all have memories of childhood? Then why can’t we have memories of adulthood?

Today, we all have grown up, too practical and too logical. We decide our present based on our future. But shouldn’t our future be dependent on our present? Let the child in us live its life. You are never too old to have fun or live the life you want.

So don’t always give in to your parents or society or the world. Stop thinking and start dreaming. Let your inner voices do their share of talking. Feel your deepest and strongest desires. That will clear all the doubts and put you on the right path…


6 thoughts on “To Do or Not to Do!!

  1. Well said..! Ya these days ppl struggle a lot to achieve their goals bt they forget to enjoy their life and by the time they realize this it’s already too late..nice work

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  2. True. Everyone carries most of these supressed thoughts in the back of their mind. However, such beautifully written blogs revive those feelings and motivates you with a silent voice from within saying “it’s still not too late”. Thank you for the efforts of writing such blogs.worth the read.

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